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    Multifunctional Pet Bottle
    Our pet multi-functional travel water bottle can not only hold pet food and water but can also carry garbage bags. Our water bottle solves pets' eating, drinking, and poop problems. It also comes with a small shovel to clean up pet feces when going out.
    pet multifunctional water bottle

    High-Quality Materials
    Our pet travel water bottle is made of healthy and environmentally friendly food-grade ABS material. It has a smooth surface, strong high-temperature resistance, and does not release harmful substances. Each component is detachable and can be washed or wiped directly with water to clean.

    How to use:

    • Keep the bottle horizontal, slide the lock key left to unlock, and press the water key to fill the water. Release the water key to stop the water.
    • After feeding, slide the lock key right to lock and prevent water leakage.
    • Don’t press the water key hard when the lock key is locking.
    • Don’t put these in the cup: dry ice, chocolate, soda water, milk, etc.
    • Keep the filter element under running water or soak it in water for 5 minutes before using the bottle.

    Package Included:
    1x Multifunctional Portable Water Bottle

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