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    Automatic Glass Cup Washer

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    Quick cleaning
    Too many glasses to wash after the party? The Cup Rinser for the sink is very suitable for quickly cleaning wine utensils, champagne glasses, or wine glasses. Just press lightly to reduce the time of soaking and wiping.

    Simple to use:
    Put the mouth of the cup downward and press the bottom of the cup lightly to automatically spray water for cleaning. When the cup is cleaned, remove the cup.

    Installation Steps:

    Step 1: Slide the mounting shank through the sinkhole from above.
    Step 2: Slide the shank through the rubber washer, then through the metal support washer.
    Step 3: Ensure the outlet extends into the basin prior to fully tightening the mounting nut and tightening the screws.
    Step 4: Thread the G1/2" end of provided supply line to the mounting shank. A wrench may be used on shank flats to avoid rotation.
    Step 5: Connect to COLD or HOT water at your free. Thread the provided tee onto the angle stop. Thread the faucet supply line to the tee.
    Step 6: Thread the 9/16" end of provided supply line to the tee. After the supply line is installed, check and retighten the mounting nut.

    Package Included:
    1x Automatic Glass Cup Washer

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